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Candie Munoz

I'm Candice Munoz, the visionary mind behind Specifically Sped. My unwavering passion lies in empowering every student to achieve their utmost potential. Devoted to supporting educators, I craft resources that enable teachers to unlock the full capabilities of their students. Having personally experienced the challenges of managing behaviors, navigating data collection, coordinating staff rotations, and implementing effective lessons, I understand the multifaceted demands educators face. That's precisely why I specialize in developing hands-on resources meticulously leveled and tailored for YOUR students, alleviating the burdens and enhancing the teaching experience.

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"This display is totally adorable! I am so excited to hang it up in my room and I think that my students are going to love it too. LOL. Thank you so much for sharing this with those like myself who aren't very crafty and need all of the help to make cute displays in our classrooms!"

- Chandler W.


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